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Clean-up and tubes

I’m using the 5g Deluxe All-Grain system from NB, which has “Connect the barbed elbow fitting on the false bottom to the barbed fitting on the bulkhead. Using a few inches of 3/8” ID thermoplastic

my 1st question is about that tube specifically - will it get mucked up, mildewy or etc, or after about how many batches might it need to be cleaned and/or replaced? Does it need to be disconnected and rinsed after every batch?

also, regarding the other hoses, like for racking, bottling, etc. - how does everyone manage their cleanliness? and about after how many batches do you tend to replace them? I’m good about sanitizing them before and after each use, but they still seem to get lots of stains, and occasionally a bit of mold or build-up inside - and I’m having a hard time keeping them really clean. I’ve started trying to hang them vertically using clothes pins to hold them, so they could drain better when wet, but I’ve only brewed like 15 batches over 1.5 years and it seems like I need to replace them about every 8 or 9 batches… anyone have some tips for best managing them?


You don’t have my answer listed above. When a soak in oxy or PBW doesn’t do the job. Tubing is so cheap. When it starts looking nasty, I replace it.

I’m not sure how to answer either. I don’t change them out very often. The only tubing I really use is a tube for my racking cane, since I rinse it out super well after using then spin it around in the air to get as much of the water out as possible I haven’t had any issues. The other tube I use is a hose for my mashtun, it’s one of those heat tolerant hoses and I haven’t replaced that ever, which is coming up on 4 years.
Just make sure to rinse everything really well after you use it. I stick the hose right up to the faucet and let water run through it for a minute or two.

I put every few years, but I’ve only been brewing for 4.5. I’ve been using the same couple lengths of transfer tubing for the past 3 years or so. Its autoclavable, so I’ve put them in the pressure cooker a couple times while making media/starters to sterilize. I always run hot water through them and then usually sanitizer after each use and hang to drain over a utility sink.

This. I don’t track how often it is, but it doesn’t seem very often.

This. I don’t track how often it is, but it doesn’t seem very often.[/quote]

I’ll add that I’ve been brewing for a little under 2 years and I’ve only replaced my tubing once.

I use a diptube brush to clean clean my tubing, then sanitize before drip-drying, and have yet to have anything nasty grow in any tubing, even blow-offs. So replacing is just done every now and then, on a whim rather than because it needs to be happen.

I typically replace all of my tubing once a year.

I will clean my tower lines with BLC as I think is needed and replace them once or twice a year.

My other hoses I clean after every use and only replace them when they become cloudy or look like they need it no specific time frame.

Use a pipe cleaner wrapped around a wire coat hanger or a #10 solid strand electric wire 3 to 4 ft.long. Dip it in a gal.of water mixed with a capful of bleach, push it thru the tubing, then rinse. This is how I clean my tubing. Hope this helps.

I don’t use tubes or hoses. I use the awesome power of awesome. it pretty much rocks. it’s like magic, but way more awesome.

I replace the tubing on my racking can every two years. I also rinse it wells when done using it, and I store the racking cane and tubing in a place where it can hang down and dry quickly.

Funny- awesome must work nearly as well as the sweet ass that I use.

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