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Chardonay Recommendation for first wine/ for wife?

My wife tends to like sweeter chardonnays or sweet reislings. Does anyone have recommendations on good kits to try?

If your looking for a good sweet sipping dessert Riesling, the Selection Speciale Riesling Icewine kit is a good one.

Depends what you mean by sweet. Are we talking desert wine here, or are we talking slightly off-dry?

As long as you are not going for desert wine sweetness I might recoment Selection Original Luna Bianca. It is basically a well oaked Chardonnay with a bit of sweetness to it. Both the Oak and off-dry character add a huge buttery texture to it which is what many Chardonnay drinkers are looking for.

This wine drinks OK early, but to get the most out of it, several months of bottle age can add a lot.

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