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Casscade with cluster?

I was thinking of adding a casscade with the main cluster. I was thinking a FWH with casscade or not do a FWH and add 1/2 oz of casscade at 60?

I really like cascades hops… in my brewing, they are better as aroma/flavor than bittering… Try Sierra Nevadas Pale Ale….

If you add it FWH or at 60 it will contribute to bittering a lot. When is the Cluster added?

2oz 60
1oz 30
1oz 5

Malt recipe

11 lbs rahr 2 row
3/4 carmel 40
1/4 cara pils
1 1/2 lbs oats

In my experience you’ll get a smoother bitterness from FWH with a 45-60 min rest than just adding it at 60 mins in the boil. FWH acts more like a 20min addition this way.


Seems a basic grain bill for that hop… FWH… yes, FO for the hops to shine … yes…

thanks guys for info… what is “FO”?

FO most likely means Flame Out. Which was a common term when I started describing shutting off the heat and adding hops to steep. This is an aroma step. Now people also call this step a Hop Stand with some variations in methods regarding temperatures.



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