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My local supplier (40+ miles away) mistakenly gave me 10 lbs of Carapils rather than 10 lbs of Carared when I picked up my 100 lb plus order of malted grain. When I got home and was putting the supplies away, I realized the mistake. I notified him and he sent me the Carared at no charge and said to keep the Carapils. So my question is: What type of brews do I use the Carpils for. I am about to start my 96th batch of all grain and have never used Carapils. Any ideas would be helpful. I wouldn’t like this to go to the compost pile unused!

carapils is dextrin malt, its use to help with head retention.

…as well as body and mouthfeel

The only time I use CaraPils these days is when I want to boost body in a dry beer. Works well in Pale Ales for this when combined with a lower mash temp. You don’t use much, 1/2 to 1 lb in a five gallon batch.

Maybe, maybe not.

Carapils is pretty worthless, but you can use it up by adding 4-8 oz in any 5-gallon batch without any ill effect.

Saying it’s worthless is pretty strong language, Dave. Like any tool, I find it appropriate to use in certain circumstances.

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I use carapils in almost every recipe. Usually 1.5 - 2 lbs per 20 gal or 12-16 oz per 5 gallons.

Thanks for all the replies. I’ll give it a try in small amounts on my next batch just to use it up.

Heh heh…


Please keep in mind that all of these are simply data points for further investigation, rather than hard and fast scientific conclusions.

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Yep. And the east coast of South America just so happens to have exactly the same shape and size as the west coast of Africa…


I believe that has been studied a bit more thoroughly.

Dave IIRC you’re a scientist. As such, you should know that the key to an experiment is repeatability. Until an experiment has been repeated multiple times confirming the result, it’s data and not evidence.

Okay. I understand your point. But I also happen to be an INTJ, that means I am intuitive and don’t need concrete evidence for every conclusion, and am judgmental, ditto. People like me might come off as robotic dicks from time to time, and we might not always be right, but then again, maybe we are. I do always indeed encourage anyone who is interested to run their own experiments and develop their own conclusions. That is only logical.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it awfully funny that there’s a couple words in Dave’s post, the next time they enter it into google, that they’ll end up in a beer forum. And how surprised they’ll be!

Oh come on… THAT’s funny. Cheers @dmtaylo2! :beer:

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Robotic dicks? :grinning:


It takes all types to make this world spin… it’ll happen. :laughing:

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I was going to post a NSFW link, but decided not to.

Just know that the Add N to X song “robotic fingers in my body” is going to be Suck in my head all night.

Curse you! :laughing:

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