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Can I Mill Grain Too Slow

Last year I finally motorized my Barley Crusher with the GE motor that has been documented on a few forums. The RPM is probably not even 100 when it’s running. Since I started using the motorized mill I have had a number of stuck recirculations. I guess I should probably take a picture of my crushed grain to see if it’s creating too much powder.

I’m using a Brewtus 10 setup, so I’m constantly recirculating my mash.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

I don’t think the slow crush is your problem, if anything it should prevent husk damage. I’d just open the gap a bit. And maybe toss in a generous handful of rice hulls for insurance. And rake the mash to help it keep flowing, especially the sparge if you’re batch sparging. The fine protein seems to settle slowly and clogs the top of the bed otherwise.

Thanks. I thought I had set it back to the factory settings, but I’m going to double check it and widen more if not. Nothing more frustrating than planning on step mashing a beer and getting a stuck mash.

I’m also going to have to go back and double check to make sure that I’m not losing pressure somewhere in my connections causing the pump to lose it’s prime.

Your mention of Brewtus 10 didn’t click at first. You might want to try recircing a little slower, maybe you’re compacting the grain bed.

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