Can a 6 Gal. Batch Finish Fermentation in 2 Days?

First of all, thanks to everyone who takes the time here to help others. :?: It doesn’t have any foam or anything blocking it. Primary fermentation couldn’t be done yet…could it ?? The temperature has been holding steady at 78 f since I pitched the second packet of yeast. Any ideas ??

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Recipe and type of yeast?

Munton’s Ale Yeast
1 Can Cooper’s Irish Stout
1lb. Munton’s Dark Dry Malt
3/4lb. Light Brown Sugar
4oz. Molassas
Filtered Non-Tap Water

Yes, it is most likely finished. It happens a lot with UK beer styles. Their yeasts (like Muntons) tend to work very very fast. 48 hours is common.

What temp was it sitting at when you pitched the first time. If it was mid 70s° then yes it finished. That is WAY to warm.

All I heard was you should pitch the yeast as soon as you can. So, this being the first time doing this size batch, I didn’t have the pitch temp right. I pitched as soon as the temp was under 90 f.

It will probably turn out fine. But you really should ferment in the 60s from now on for best results.

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Thanks. I always thought low to mid 70’s was where you should ferment. Oh well, live and learn. So should I let it sit for a couple days more, to be sure ? Or should I put it in the secondary fermenter tomorrow ?

Skip the secondary fermenter, it’s not necessary. What you really should do is check the specific gravity right now. Then wait 3 more days. Then check gravity again. If the gravity doesn’t change over 3 days, it’s safe to bottle.

Cool. I’ll do that. I know the secondary isn’t necessary. I was just gonna try it, to have a cleaner brew. It started at 1.030 and now 1.010. There is very little gunk around the bucket at the surface of the brew. And yeast is still floating around on top. It don’t taste like vinegar or anything. I don’t know what to think. :shock:

Oh man… that’s only 2.5% alcohol. Oh well. It’s beer anyway. If you want, you could jack it up with another pound or two of extract. Boil in a little water and start the fermentation back up again. If you want.

I’ve had a batch of Ale that I double pitched dry yeast into finish fermenting in 24-36 hours so it can definitely finish up quickly. It came out just fine so no need to worry.

Sorry, but “worry” is my middle name. I added a bag of Mr. Beer Booster and about another pound of brown sugar. It fermented another 2 days, but the alc % didn’t change. Why ??

The pound of sugar added about 7 gravity points per gallon. Your estimated OG would become 1.037. If your SG remains at 1.010, ABV will be 3.54%. Formula for ABV is (OG - FG) × 131.25.

You can boost the ABV and body of a kit like this by brewing as 5 gallons instead of 6 gallons.

edit: Missed the beer booster. I don’t know what is in it, but that would increase your OG further.

Thanks. The Booster says it’s 12.5 oz. of corn sugar. It provides a full and balanced range of both fermentable and unfermentable sugars that are designed to mimic the carbohydrate profile of all-malt wort, consisting of 8% glucose, 56% maltose, 16% maltotriose, and 20% dextrins. So, according to the formula you gave me. I should be somewhere around 4 - 4.2 % now ??

You’re correct on the ABV increase. The booster, less the unfermentable dextrins, would add about 0.6 pounds of fermentable sugars.

Have you looked at this chart before? Can come in handy when looking at recipes.

Looks like you are now up to 4.0% ABV, which is just fine for this beer style. Enjoy.

Thanks Everyone for your help and knowledge. I’ve learned alot these past two weeks. :cheers:

Well, I think my batch of stout taste like piss water. I just opened the bottle that I poured the last little bit of each keg into, and it’s the worst I’ve ever made. Maybe I should just stick to the simple Mr. Beer recipe. They have all turned out fine. They are more expensive per gallon, but they are tried and true for me. Thanks for all your help.

Let your stout age for a while longer. You may be tasting the bitterness from the molasses in the brown sugar. The taste may mellow some with age.