Can a 6 Gal. Batch Finish Fermentation in 2 Days?

I’m really surprised others are reassuring you that the beer will be fine. The moment I saw 78F, and pitched once I was below 90F I would have told you to not waste your time bottling it and dump it out. It will not age out, and it will never taste good. It will get you drunk, and one hell of a headache is all. Just try again and do not pitch your yeast above 70F, and do not let it get above 70F during fermentation. Remember the yeast make the beer, and therefore need to be put in an environment where they can create the best flavors as they do so. Good Luck brew on.

I’m not sure I understand the last little bit from each keg part. Did you bottle the dregs from two kegs? If so I’m not surprised it tastes like crap. All the junk is at the bottom of the kegs when they kick.

I wouldn’t just give up. I think there are just some minor changes that will produce much better beer for you. Ideas:

  1. cool the wort more before pitching
  2. ferment much cooler (mid 60° for ales)

How did you “pour the last bit of each keg into the bottle”?

I planned on letting it age a little while longer. Just thought trying one now would give me an idea of how it turned out.

I just used some Mr. Beer brewing kegs as secondary fermenters, and bottled from them. My main fermenter doesn’t have a spigot. And I didn’t let much if any of the “junk” into the bottle.

I used a bottling wand to bottle out of the kegs. Everything was sterilized. I’m sorry. I guess I should answer all replies at once.