Bubbler Air Lock

So making my first batch of wine from kit bought here. After everything was mixed in my primary fermenter I filled the bubbler air lock to the max level with water so both sides were right at the level indicated.

The next day, one side was drained down so wasnt sure if this presented a problem so i removed cap and added water again so water was at both “Max” lines. Again the next day one side fluid level dropped. One side is still at the max level. Does this pose a problem?

Beer guy, here. I’m guessing you have an “S” shaped airlock? As pressure builds from fermentation, one side rises (as it pushes out the fluid). If your low side is the side closest to your fermentor, this sounds fine to me.

This is the one I am using and yes it seems fluid is leaving one side and going to the other
Bubbler Air Lock

It is normal for the water to get pushed to one side. If it doesn’t, the CO2 that the yeast are generating is escaping through a different route, which would be bad because it would mean you don’t have it controlled.

So your situation is exactly as you want it to be.

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