BTU Burner for size of HLT

Is 66000 BTUs enough to heat 55 gallon HLT…40 gallon finished batch…so 52 gallons of water?

So here’s what I’m thinking.

1 BTU heats 1 pound of water 1 Degree

I have 550 pounds of water that I need to heat from 40 degrees F to 208’Degrees F
Water boils at 208 degrees F at my elevation.

168 Degrees X 550 pounds= 92400 BTUs

So if my burner (66000 BTUs) runs for 1.5 hours I should have boiling water…but wait…how efficient is my pot…well if Blichmann pots are as good as they are expensive I should get to boiling by farting near the pot.

Some how I don’t think that will happen…so lets say I get 50 percent of the heat in the water…is it really going to take three hour to boil my water???

IIRC, the box on my fryer said around 150,000 btu’s. It roughly take 20 minutes to go from tap to 170* (4 gallons). Then 10-15 minutes to go from 155* to boil (~210).

So you might be right with 3hr to get to a boil.

What is the psi rating on your regulator?

I think they are 40 Psi.

Hmm, mine has a 10psi tag on it.

What burner set up is it?

I did a rudimentary test with my NG burner a few months ago, it’s one of these 23 burner impinging burners though I’ve removed the 3 burners that don’t impinge on other flames:

It took around 2 hours to get 28 gallons from 58° to boiling at 68,000 BTU input. The burner is rated at 175K but I only had the valve cracked open during my test and clocked the gas meter. A lot of heat comes up along side of my pot, when I redesign my burner stand I’m going to try to contain more heat under the pot.

I know this doesn’t answer your question but I thought I’d pass on my limited experience.

Just looked 2 PSI …shouldn’t matter though 66000 BTUs is 66000 BTUs.

If you think 2psi can feed a 170k btu high pressure burner, ... sid=&eid=/

If you have a gas grill with a higher pressure regulator on it, I would try swaping regulators 1st to see if you can get more heat from it.

Then look at getting a different regulator or burner.

Regulators either come as high pressure or low pressure, if you buy a burner with regulator it should be matched. I’d go with as high of a BTU rating as I could find for a 55gal boil. Thats darn near two barrels, look at what a 2bbl pro system comes with for ideas on burner size.