Brwing this tomorrow

Making a mocha stout tomorrow.
13 lb 2 row
1 lb roasted barley
1 lb chocolate malt
1 lb black malt
single infusion, 152 degrees for 60 minutes

8 oz lactose
3oz fuggle hops all for 60
32 oz brewed coffeein the boil for the last 10 min
Nottingham yeast, harvested from my Irish red last week

8 oz cacao nibs after 7 days for 14 days or until FG reached

This could be crazy. Calling it mocha bomb stout. Calculates to be 8.7%

32oz is a lot of coffee. I would say use a smaller volume of stronger coffee like cold steeped or espresso.

I brewed a breakfast stout a couple years ago. The coffee flavor is still overpowering.

I put 2 oz of ground sumatra in the boil for 2 mins and poured it trub and all into the fermenter after chilling, then I added 2 oz of cold pressed coffee at bottling time.

I did 2 oz of bakers chocolate and 2 oz of cacao nibs for the last 5 minutes of the boil.

If I brewed this again I would do the boil addition the same then have a few ounces of cold steeped coffee ready and taste to determine how much if any to add at bottling.

The chocolate is undetectable but I’m not sure if that’s because there’s not enough or if it’s just overpowered by the coffee.

Just thought I’d share my experience with a similar beer.

Thanks Danny. I never did one before and can use the guidance. So maybe I will brew 32 oz and drink 3/4 of it and put the rest in the beer! Then I can just stay up for the next 2 days watching it ferment!

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Brewing this tomorrow, we can’t wait to try it’. Oates Brewing Co. … Available on line from our web site or brewery tap open tonight and Friday from 4pm. Enjoy!