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Brut IPA

So now I hear there is a new style… Has any one tried it? Even know of the recipe? I heard it on Denny’s podcast… Yes, I have finally gotten so advanced, I can listen to podcasts’ on my phone whilst I tinker around the house! Sneezles61

Some information here.

Does this mean the NEIPA fad/trend may be ending for a new one?


I wonder if its going to be an east coast verses west coast rivalry? Sneezles61

It better not! It was voted as the most likely to stick around!

Im slightly intrigued.

Use simple sugars like T-foiled did? Sneezles61

Fizzy, dry IPA. I’m not sure that sounds all that good. I might wait for a commercial example before brewing one.

I have been drying out my IPA’s for a few years… Not that dry, as I’m thinking a brut champagne is… Yeah, I’d like a 6-er to ponder… Sneezles61

So I started my first Brut IPA. The base is a 1.058ish OG with Pilsner Malt (NY Excelsior) and .5 lb acid malt mashed at around 148F
Being true to the methods for Brut IPA I will do no bitter addition. I’m going to do a 5 min addition of .5oz Amarillo and a 2oz Amarillo whirlpool addition for 20 mins at 170F. Then some dry hopping to be determined.
One 10g packet of Glucoamylase will be added to the fermenter when adding Kviek Voss.

Edit: It took a capful of 88% Lactic Acid to get my Ph under 5 where the Glucoamylase is happy.


Who knew. The first time I brewed I mashed cold and over carbonated my bottles. I thought I did it wrong.


I’m curious to see what carbonation at those levels and no residual sugars will be like.

I will need to ask then… No bittering hops… Is that to assume the sugars will be consumed so there won’t need to balance out the sweetness? Sneezles61

yes that is the idea. I will be somewhere between 25-35 IBUs in the end even without a bittering

I’ve been using table sugar to dry out my IPA’s for a year or two now… This sounds even better yet… I really wish there was an example to try up here before I go brew a batch… Just because its all the rage doesn’t mean I have to like it… I’ll keep watching to stores to see some… My IPA’s are decent now… I’m content using Cascades and Centennial for late and dry hopping… You know… kinda like the original ones that started showing up around here in the early 2000’s. Sneezles61

I pitched 3 hours ago and I have a 1/4" krausen and some nice airlock activity. First time with Voss and first time using enzymes. I have to say I’m impressed.

@sneezles61 you’re in MN right?

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Probably a pendulum affect. Everything comes around again. I’m retro I still enjoy a west coast


So I went looking up in Duluth, Mn today… nothing… I sure hope they didn’t put that stuff on a turtle… it may hibernate before it gets here! Sneezles61

Ok after 2 weeks my FG is .989. I guess it’s time to dry hop.

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That’s dry

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