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Brut IPA

I did receive a can of Fisson from Surley… Its a brut IPA… 9%!! I haven’t opened it yet… I’ll be interested to hear abo8t your Brut Squeegee… Sneezles61

I bottled my Brut last night and I noticed clean up was a breeze. The krausen ring came off with just the faucet pressure and the bottling bucket rinsed to bright white in one shot. I guess everything was less sticky with less sugar residuals. Tasting the dregs was pleasant with nothing unique to describe. I aimed for 3 volumes of CO2 instead of the recommended 3.2ish


Ok I’ve been drinking these Bruts for a while. It definitely merits another go. My hop schedule for this was .5oz Amarillo for 5 min, @170F 2 oz Amarillo for 20 minutes, and 4 oz Dry hop for 2 days. I think it’s a tad over hopped for the very low FG. Or perhaps it’s that the Amarillo alone isn’t balanced.

Yeah, I think Amarillo is one of those hops that plays well with others… I wasn’t much for a stand alone brew hopped with it… Sneezles61

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Well, I still have some bottles left. I drink them occasionally and I will try another attempt but I’m going to dial back the carbonation next time. It’s just too much and the foam/head is a mini hop bomb despite the reduced amounts.

I’m also going to try adding the enzyme to the mash rather than the fermenter.

Article on the history of the Brut and a bunch of recipes from different breweries. They all use the enzyme. I suggest it if you’re interested in that style

I think the brulosophy exbeerment was interesting… I’ve only had one example… All the new, good stuff never gets way up here… :smirk: Sneezles61

Right, the enzyme is a must for the style. It’s more of a question of when to use it.

Not knowing a thing about this I wonder if you could just use Beano? Is it not the same thing? A long time ago I tried it to try to get a stuck fermentation to finish with not much luck.

Different enzyme. I used Glucoamylase Enzyme

Is that the Amylo 300. That’s what all the recipes in the magazine call for. It’s amyloglucosidase enzyme

Now my one wheel is spinning… What about making a base, say 50/50 of 2 row and C-120… Just trying to get color and a small amount of flavor into the brew… This would account for 1/2 the ABV… then the rest is from sugar…That would dry it out… When I brew next time I’ll try a mini batch… Some more brain storming needed… Input? Sneezles61

I would think pilsen malt is a good choice for this style because the grainy flavor would help accentuate the dry mouthfeel…

I find it hard to get excited enough about this style to try and brew on but I’ still following the thread.

I can see how kveik would be a good choice for this too.

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Yes most of the recipes in the article use pilsner they all use flaked corn none of them use sugar. Kim Sturdavant who is credited with inventing the style and who is interviewed for the article says the enzyme is key to getting the FG to .001 or lower which it has to be to be in style. All the recipes say clean ale yeast California Ale or American Ale yeast

You aint Briess-ing it… are U?:relaxed: Sneezles61


American Ale II 1272 was my house strain for years because it flocculated better than American Ale 1056 and attenuated slightly better, on paper. Recently my LHBS stopped getting 1272 so I used 1056. There’s no noticeable difference between the strains for me. I’ve only used 1056 for 3 generations now compared to 7 or so gens of 1272 I did multiple times, but so far performance is equal. Great ale yeast.

I agree. Testing side by side with 1272 and 1056 showed me no real difference. Of course this was not scientific.

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I prefer non-scientific. Rather know what it really tastes like.

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So, today will I will brew an ex-beer-ment… I will use 3 lbs of marris otter, 3 of C-120 and 3 of sugar… The gravity should be about 1.060 for a 5 gallon batch… I won’t boil, I’ll put a small bit,1/4 oz Magnum to help balance out the brew… I will get some Whites lab 001 from the local brewery this AM… I’ve got some… Cascades I plan to dump in and allow to to steep as it cools… No water corrections or additions… Old school? Kinda… And the icing on the cake… I’ll do this on the stove!! I’m just curious if the sugar will allow this to ferment down to close to 1.000… Sneezles61

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