Brewing with 20% Malted Rye

I was going through some of my older hops that I would like to use up. I have some Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo and thought maybe I’d do a Rye Pale Ale.

My question is, I am planning on using about 20% Malted Rye and am a little concerned with a stuck sparge (if you have seen my previous posts this seems to be public enemy number one for me).

Anyhow, I have read doing a step mash starting with rests for glucans (105 F, 30 min.), protein (122 F, 30 min.), and saccharification (152 F, 60 min.) followed by mash-out (170 F).

Being like most homebrewers, I like to keep things simple as possible and would much rather do a single infusion at 152 F followed by a mashout. Would this be feasible with say 1/2 lbs of rice hulls?

My grain bill would look like this:

8.5# 2-Row
2.5# Malted Rye
1.25# Crystal 60L
0.5# rice hulls

1.25 qt/lb thickness

Like I said, the easier the better, but if rye is too tricky for a single infusion than I will go the hard way I guess.

I have used up to 60% and had no trouble with run off. It will depend on your lautering system. The braid I use has never stuck in 490 batches. 20% should make no difference at all to your normal procedure.

Yes. And like Denny says, you can try running off without the rice hulls first. You may find you don’t need them. They have come in handy for me in the past, but that was with 40% rye, hominy grits, stuff like that. Stuck mashes do happen to most of us from time to time.

I use a round cooler and bazooka tube, and I’ve used well over 20% rye without issue. I don’t do mash-out either. You had a false bottom before, right? Ditch that for a stainless braid or bazooka tube and don’t look back.

I went with the braid that Denny has on his website and installed it all last week, tested the flow and for leakage and am looking good. There is no date on the information that I read, but I am assuming that it was before the days of well modified malts.

In any case, thanks all for the responses. Single infusion is music to my ears!!!