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Brewing time

I’m gathering all my equiptment to begin my first AG brew by fall. I have 2 Converted beer kegs that i’m using for HLT & BK I have read on some posts that some guys boil 75 to 90 min. Is there a benifit to longer boils? I will be using natural gas, so how much loss would I expect to give me 10 gals. giving that a keg holds 15 gal. my goal is to brew 10gal. batches. Thanks to all!

Here is a good link on why to boil for 75-90 min.

As far as how much evaporation you will have depends on the weather temp and humidity and on how hard of a boil you have.

I personaly if I had your system would start with all most 15 gallons and go from there.

Thanks for the link Chuck, I will certainly try it!

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