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Brewing and Football

It’s been pretty cold around here too. Can I move in with you next winter? I wouldn’t miss this crap either!
Getting ready for the games today!

Game one under way!

We get a lot of offers for roommates in the winter. Should have bought a bigger place. :relaxed:

Stayed up late for us and watched the Bills stomp the Pats. I had never heard of having a warm cooler of chicken broth on the sidelines next to the Gator Aid but I understand it in those conditions.

Bengals with the win!
I lived in the Cincinnati area the last time they won a playoff game,1991….


Now for some coffee… cleaning up the remnants from last night… Ready for more!!


im tuned in to the tampa eagles may turn it off at half time. boooring

Aikman upset he even has to call the game. Clown show

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wildcard weekend is generally a waste. High seed playing a low seed doesnt make for a good viewer expierience. Just wonder how many viewers are turned off by the expierience. Heck, I like watching the Bills and i still turned it off. Just wondering

SF at Dallas, Niners leading at half. Bosa out with possible head injury.

Im watching it on Nickelodeon. Kinda like listening to Joe Buck. A lot of nonsense going on

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Looks like Big Ben got sent off on a clean note… One more to watch…
Next W/E seems to be good match up too!

Rothlisberger looked old. Didnt like wathching it. Personaly I think it would have been better if he could have ended it last weekend on a high

Joe Buck is a good and knowledgeable announcer but he drives me nuts because he sounds so monotone.
Go Bills!

No Steve Levy is a good announcer. He actually calls the game. Buck is knowledgable for sure and he likes everyone to know it. He droans on and on. My opinion anyway

Yes… Go Bills…
Aw nuts… perhaps I should be rooting for the Packers… they are in our conference… :no_mouth:

I’ll be surprised if Canada keeps his job next year. Should have let Ben run the offense all game. Couple timely bad drops, at least it was a game for a quarter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: All that defense and less than 50 yards of offense in the first half, woof.


Unfortunately the game goes four quarters. Wife went to sleep in the first. Woke up this morning and what happened. The game i cared the least about was the most exciting

3rd quarter… I can’t see a good ending for the Cardinals… Lets see what tomorrow brings…

Almost time for kick off Bengals Titans, Derrick Henry returns so no one giving the Bengals much of a chance on the road……

Bengals best chance is if it becomes a track meet with a high score, lots of Joey Burrow to his wide receiver trio.
Beer. Check
Snacks. Check

I don’t know im feeling good about the Bengals

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