Brew Structure/Hot Liquor question

We’re building a brew structure with a 25 gallon mash ton and a 25 gallon brew kettle. What size hot liquor tank should we run?

Thanks :cheers:

I have a 25gal HLT and a 25gal BK.


You can probably go down to 20. You can heat up your strike water in the MLT and hold your sparge water in the HLT. Should be plenty of volume.

20 is about right for most beers. I have a 25 gal BK and a 15.5 gal HLT and I usually have to add 5 gal of water while fly sparging. Not a big deal but I wish it was 5 gal bigger.

My personal rule of thumb is that the BK is best if it is 10 gallons larger than the batch volume. Mash tun is the same volume as the BK. HLT can be five gallons lower in volume than the MLT and BK.

This works for me for 10 gallon batches.