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Brew extract kits

how long does it take to make a brew extract thinking of making one but i dont have loads of spare time.

I brew almost exclusively AG now, but when I brew an extract recipe, it takes approximately 3 hours from startup to cleanup.

Ok thx are you able to put a copy of the instructions on here so i can see what i need to do.

Hop additions and malt additions will vary recipe to recipe. I also would skip the secondary part. Wanted to add that your kit will come with a recipe like this one … eamAle.pdf if you see a kit that you like click on the additional info and then it will say recipe and instructions “Click Here” if you want to see that beers instructions.

Thanks for your help

What do you use to boil the liquids

Minimum that you need to brew with:


3-4 gallon pot. You will boil 2.5 gallons of liquid. You should be able to do this on the stove top.
If you have access to turkey fryer burner that would be better.

You can use ice and cold water to chill the wort (unfermented beer) and bring it up to 5 gallons.

A fermenter, 7 gallon plastic pail, 6 gallon glass carboy or a Better Bottle. Don’t try to use a 5 gallon water jug from Walmart.

50 12oz bottles or 30 22oz bottles, caps and a capper. No twist offs. If you have access to a premium bar that sell swing top bottles, see if you can scavenge those.

There are several youtube videos on how to brew. Also, read How to Brew

You need to keep the fermenting beer cool. ~65*f.


Do you strain the wort before you put it in the fermentation vessel

No you dont

Ok sounds good thank you

No problem. You can also do full boils on a turkey fryer if you have one.

Not heard of one of them must be an american thing

What about this … pd_cp_kh_0

Yes a large stock pot will work. as long as it holds around 4 gallons

That should work. 11L being just short of 3 gallons. When you boil the wort, a foam will form called “hot break”. So the larger the pot the better. You can keep this in check with a spray bottle

of water.

A turkey fryer is a propane (LP) burner with a large pot. Used to cook turkeys in oil. Or boil large quantities of seafood. Also useful in Asian cooking. They offer a greater heat output than a kitchen stove. Possible they are not available in the UK. ... 028&sr=1-4

They probably are but i never seen one.

One more question.when you have boiled everything and let it cool and then tip it into the fermenter do you leave the hops in the pot and not let them get into the fermenter

Yes you want to try to leave as much of that stuff behind as possible.

Is it best to strain it then

I think it helps. AS does using a fining agent like irish moss.

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