Brew Anxiety?

Anyone else get a weird anxiety when they leave their mash? Like something unforeseen may cause the temp to change? Or am I just crazy?

Physics is physics. Or if you’re a chemist, chemistry is chemistry. Point being, there are no tun gremlins, provided you’ve taken good notes and you know your system.

Mash tun wise, the only thing I ever worry about is checking my valves. Modern science corroborated with detailed records suggest that nothing unexpected will happen. Vigilance has no material bearing upon chemistry, or physics if you wish to be more accurate.

The key is gaining empirical confidence in you system. Only notes and your tolerance to empirical data can define that threshold.

I don’t get anxious when walking away from my mash, but I most certainly do when I step away from my boil :wink:

Honestly, in my limited experience brewing all grain, I’ve already learned that a slight temperature drop of a couple degrees won’t affect the end product too much. At least it hasn’t for me. I hold temp quite well now that I rigged up igloo coolers, but when I did BIAB in my kettle in the beginning I’d see some temp drop (probably from all the extra head space). The beer was still delicious.

Holding one in your hand helps to relieve those fears, 2 is even better.

I can on the most part drink 3 during the brew day, that is up until I pitch then its on.

No anxiety with the mash. Once the fire is lit, I’m very cautious … but that’s a good thing.

You’re talking about beer, right? :smiley:

A couple batches ago, my false bottom must have shifted or something and it made a kind of cracking sound. Everything was fine upon inspecting, but I’ve been freaked out it’s going to really happen ever since. Paranoid and unfounded, but I get ya.

Sounds like bad plastic surgery.