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Brew a Hefeweizen

In a couple of days I’m going to brew a Hefe which will be my first AG wheat beer. I’ve heard/read that the mash can “goop” up and you could easily get a stuck mash. I’ve always mashed with a single infusion and then mashout at the end.

Would it be best to do a multi step doing a protein rest for 15 to 20 and then a sacch rest for 40? Is this a good idea because of the high protein in wheat malt? Like I said I’ve never done it before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

Also I read that if you get a good mash then doing a batch sparge (as opposed to fly which I usually do) will also help with not getting a stuck mash. I don’t even know if that’s correct or not, which is why I’m asking that question here.

You can do a protein rest, although it is probably not necessary. The stuck mash problem is related more to wheat’s lack of a husk to help create a filter bed in the mash than to the protein. I have done both fly and batch sparges with wheat beers, and the batch sparge does seem to be less likely to get stuck or slow than fly sparging. I did a 100% wheat beer with about 1/2 lb of wheat hulls via batch sparge this year with no problems. If you do fly sparge and you have more than 50% wheat, you could always add some rice hulls to help keep things running. They won’t affect the beer and they are pretty cheap.

Thanks for the good info. I’ll just get some hulls for the filter bed and go with the usual sparge.


One alternativ is: … nditioning

Yeah, I’ve never had a problem with wheat or rye when conditioned.

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