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Bottling wine and mead

I have a wine sitting in a carboy for a few months and been saving bottles. Do I need to do anything else to the wine before putting it in bottles. It’s a Pinot grigio. I also have a Mead to bottle would I handle that the same way?

I’m not the expert some are, having only bottled two batches of wine so far. But, I racked them every 3-4 weeks until no more lees and all stayed clear. Then prepped the bottles and corks by soaking in starsan, then Camden solution (the Camden more for O2 scavenging purposes). Filled the bottles, corked, waxed the tops and have them stored. I understand that the waiting is the hardest part… (must be a song there).

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@brew_cat, if it’s been sitting for a few months, you may need to top up the free sulfite. If your instructions had you add any extra for long-term storage you may be okay, but if not, shoot for 25-35 PPM FSO2 at bottling.

DI don’t have any instructions. Tha only thing I did was add some yeast supliment. Pitched yeast 9/25 first rack 9/3 racked off the yeast 10/15 then racked to a glass carboy 10/31 where it sits now. It’s pretty clear now but it I can see tiny bubbles gassing off when I shine a light on the carboy. I don’t have any sulfite but I’m sure I can get some. I do have campden tablets thoough

Okay, you’ll need to add about 50 PPM FSO2 to knock it down. Being as it’s a couple of months past pitching and still throwing bubbles, that’s probably a wild lactic acid fermentation. If you bottle it like that, it will probably leak past the corks and might blow up the bottles.

Campden tablets are 19th-century junk. Throw them out and buy some potassium metabisulfite powder. Get an accurate teaspoon measure and dissolve a half teaspoon (or three grams if you have a really good scale) of sulfite in a half cup of cool water and stir that in gently and thoroughly into the wine before bottling.

I was planning to rack it into a bottling bucket. Is that when I add the potassium metabisulfite or should I add it to the carboy now

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