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Bottling and taste inconsistencies

I’m a relatively new all grain brewer. I’ve been having similar inconsistencies with my beer losing its flavor 2-4 weeks after being bottled. For example my last batch of IPA was fantastic. It fermented for two weeks, dry hopped, and after bottling and carbonating was a hoppy floral citrusy tasting IPA, it was great. Shortly thereafter, the flavor began to dissipate and the beer is essentially flavorless now. The nose on it went away and the flavor is gone. I’ve had a similar issue with an Irish Red and a different IPA.

Can anyone give some advice on what might be happening. I’m pretty anal about sanitizing, Star San the heck out of everything and the bottles. The beer is not exposed to light but seems to be unstable.


beer is perishable and what you are describing even happens to commercial beers, but 2-4 weeks is a short time to go downhill. If you were saying 2-4 months, then I’d say drink 'em faster.

How warm is your storage area?

[quote=“Wahoo”]How warm is your storage area?[/quote]That’s my first thought too - once the beer is carbed, keep them cold to inhibit aging. Also, how are you dry-hopping? If you’re stuffing the hops in a tight bag and they’re floating on top of the beer, you won’t get nearly the aroma contribution versus letting them swim free and sink.

The carboy was kept at a fairly solid 68 degrees for two weeks, bottled and kept at 68 degrees until carbonated for two weeks and then moved to the fridge. Is that what I should be doing? I did dry hop in a bag, sounds like I would have benefitted from letting them swim.

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