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Bottle or keep in carboy?

I have read many different opinions but thought I would ask here. My whites cleared quickly, so I polished and bottled. I had some left over and enjoyed a fabulous early wine or two.

However, I do love my reds, with Zins being my favorite. I have 6 carboys of different reds with oak cubes in them. They started very sweet tasting, but after a month in the carboys, they are rounding out nicely.

My question is, should I continue to let the wine rest in the carboy, or should I polish and bottle?

The wine I have pulled with my thief is very clear and bright already.

Knowing these wines will be resting until fall, I am eager to start the next batches…

Now I’m fairly new to wine making so I’m not sure what you mean by polished. Is that filtering?


What micron? If 1 or below I would go ahead and bottle them up as most everything was filtered out.

I’m assuming if you polish you can rush them along correct? Do you add anything to stabilize? I did the first year but the second I did not. I noticed after a year I got sediment but i decant the wine so it’s not a problem for me but it’s a problem when I give it away and have to explain it.

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