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Boil Off

I’m new to brewing and I have a question about the, “Boil Off” process. Once you figure how much water you’re your going to lose during that boil, where do you add additional water to compensate? Any help would be appreciated.


In All Grain brewing, you add the water to the mash tun so you get the sugars out of the grain.

With extract brewing, you can add it to the fermenter if you pot is not big enough for all the water.

You can really add it at any time. If you’re brewing with grains, it can help your efficiency to add it sooner. If you’re brewing with extract, you can still benefit from adding it sooner by having a larger boil.

In either case, your beer will be fine if you add it after the boil.

If brewing outside know that the weather will have a big effect on boil off. In the winter I’ve had as much as 1/2gal every 20min boil off due to cold dry air. But yesterday I lost about 1/2gal every 30min due to the humidity.

I average about a gallon per hour outside in Florida in the summer. The rate will change over the winter. 5-5.5 gallon batches AG in a 10 gallon pot.

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