Blonde Ale Recipe

Evening all:

Planning a brew this weekend and wanted feedback in regards to the grain and hops used. First, I was planning on making a blonde with a ratio of 60% pilsner malt to 40% pale malt. Might even throw in 1/4 lb of biscuit for flavor.

Additionally, I recently purchased my hop supply from and bought a lb of belma hops. Was going to do a belma hopped exclusive blonde.

1 oz @ 60 min
.25 oz @ 15
2 oz @ flameout.

Going to use either US-05 or White Labs California

Suggestions and feedback appreciated.



Yum. Go for it.

Looks great. Dependent on whether you wanna smell the malt or the hops, I’d go with only 1 oz aroma hop at flameout. On my American blonde, I use all Pils malt and Saaz hops, and simply throw in a pack of SAFALE05 yeast.

Thanks guys. Need something lighter and less hop forward on tap for the Mrs. Thankfully she is a big fan of the whole brew thing.

It takes a lot of belma to get a huge aroma impact. I don’t think 2oz is that excessive.

On my blonde, It’s almost a SMASH, with only three ingredients: Bestmalz Pils, Saaz, and American Ale yeast (and water). It’s my “crowd-pleaser,” and as such I try to make it a “balanced” beer. As such, I try to be able to taste and smell both the malt and the hops. At one oz aroma hop, I can easily smell both the quality malt (some would say the best in the world), and the quality hops (some would say…). The american yeast is used cuz it’s just so damn easy. I ferment in low 60’s so as to keep it a clean ferment.

It’ll probably take a few batches to dial in your recipe.

Brewed this morning and altered things a bit:

9 lbs Bohemian Pilsner
3 lbs Weyermann pale
.5 lbs wheat
.25 lbs biscuit

Did a fwh with .5 oz of Belma then
.5 @ 60
.25 @ 10
2 oz @ flameout with a 10 min steep.

Used a vial of california yeast with starter.

Hit 80% effeciency which is good for me.