Blog: You Still Have to Scrub

New Master Vintner Blog up: No Matter How Long You Soak, You Still Have to Scrub.

Lots of people have told me they soak with strong cleaners and don’t worry about scrubbing. I try to avoid drinking their wine . . .

What’s your sanitation regimen?

I’ll fill my beer brewing carboys with enough PBW solution to cover the krausen ring when the carboy is inverted in the sink. Let it soak overnight then brush with the solution in the carboy. Rinse well and inspect under a bright light against a white background.

Without scrubbing one small speck might remain to spoil the next brew.

First off, wanted to say hi Tim. Only a kit wine maker as my focus is on beer. But wanted to say I enjoy your write ups and appreciate your very in depth input.

Second, I agree. I use SS conicals but too mechanically scrub it to make sure all remaining particles are loosened.

Yes, sometimes things stick like booggers, and I won’t have that in my equipment! I do keep looking fer the perfect carboy brush tho… Sneezles61

That’s the way!

Hi Loopie!

SS conicals are pretty darn fancy! But not too fancy for a good scrubbing.