Blichmann MLT Problem

Decided to get a Blichmann Boilermaker for bigger boils or for step mashes. Because of the thick button false bottom you have to circulate the wort while raising temp or any time you apply heat, really because the false bottom reduces heat transfer resulting in boiling wort below and too low temp above. I just circulate into a pitcher and pour over grain bed since I don’t have a pump, but I keep getting a clogged dip tube! Help!

All the pre-milled kits from NB have done this, but these are the ones that I’ve had to step mash the most. My wort ratio is 1:1.3 of Lb. Grain/Quarts of water. I have a bunch of theories about mash thickness, grain crush size, etc, but really want some input if anyone else has troubleshot this. Thanks!

Blichmann recommends a water:grist ratio of no less than 1.5 quarts/pound when using their Boilermaker MLT. Also might want to try a coarser crush with the grain to avoid stuck mashes.