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Blichmann Floor Burner Vs Edelmetall Brü Burner

Which one of these is the better stove?

The Blichman[/url] is $150 and the [url=]Edelmetall

is $140. According to their pages, they both have 72,000 BTUs.

I’m not too sure as to the qualities I want to look for when purchasing a burner as this is my first one.

At any rate, I want the best one that Northern Brewer has to sell.

Which is superior?

The problem with your question is this: I doubt anyone here has purchased both. I have the Blichmann. It is a fantastic burner.

And therein lies the problem. FWIW, I have the Edelmetall, and it also works very well, at least for me. I doubt one would go wrong with either one. :cheers:

The Blichmann was first and I have one that I’m impressed with both how much it shortened my brew day but also doesn’t use a ton of propane. I assume the Edelmetall is Northern Brewer creating their own version of the Blichmann. I haven’t heard anyone with issues with it but none of our club’s members have it (whereas a few of them have the Blichmann).

I would spend the extra ten bucks for the one that has been around longer and have had more people use it and swear by it. That said, I don’t think you’d go wrong with either.

Another thing you may want to consider is if you see yourself buying a blichmann brewing stand. The burners can be attached later if you go that route.

I have the Edalmetall. Its pretty sweet, but I will say this - I have had issues that appear to stem from the regulator. The first time (after about 4-5 uses), it just wouldn’t light. NB, being awesome, responded to a post herein where I was asking if anyone knew what the problem could be. They shipped me a whole new burner within days (plus the return label). This one has been good…until today when it was a bit finicky to light. But it did eventually, and has been working fine. So, make of that what you will. it could either just be me, or possibly the fact that according to the print on the regulator, it is made of human rights in China. So there’s that.
But, it does work.

I have a blichmann and absolutely love it. It’s great on propane efficiency and the thing is solid. Like a tank. I will say though regardless of the choice you make, make sure you get the leg extensions so you can drain right into your fermenter.

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