Blending too strong of beer

hello ladies and gentlmen,

I made the mistake of undersparging with a dark saison the other day and ended up with about 5 instead of 6 gallons in the fermentor by the end of the brew day. the wort tasted too bitter about 1/2way thru the boil. I added a 1 lb fig puree to the boil near the end (this is a fig saison experiment); hopefully this will round out the flavor. I think I also may have put too much midnight wheat (about 4-5%) in the grist.

henceforth, my thoughts are to blend a light saison (4.5-5.5%abv) into this. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how i should design the recipe for the blending beer? I want to keep it pretty basic to make it easy to blend with. I’ll hop similarly to the dark beer (and probably less).


I would keep it pretty basic, something along the same lines in terms of yeast and flavor profile. Doesn’t have to be identical by any means but I think it should be close. The only beer I blended was a horrible under attenuated IIPA with a light pale ale fermented and mashed super low and fermented with US05 to dry it out. Worked well enough, not terrific but more drinkable than it was. I did a couple practice blends before mixing everything. Something along the lines of a 50/50, 66/33 and 75/25 split with just a couple ounces of each to get a feeling for what was best. Can remember what I went with and don’t have my notes handy.

thanks! let you know how it goes. a friend suggested I make a 4% light blender so it finishes on time. I’m going to adjunct it a little just in case there is some left over so i don’t end up with table beer.


the wort tasted too bitter about 1/2way thru the boil. [/quote]

Am I reading this correctly that you tasted your wort mid boil? That’s certainly a new one. :smiley:

I would wait until fermentation is complete before deciding if you need to blend or not. You could also just age it to see if the flavor you are trying to blend out fades with time.

MY vote is for leaving the beer alone and don’t blend it with anything. You might just like it after it ages. :cheers: