Blending homemade wines with over the counter wine

I am about to bottle my amarone wine that I made from must as soon as my S04 kit comes in. My batch is 6 gallons and my last readings were OK but the taste is a little tart. I have a gallon of Merlot and a gallon of Paisano ( sweet) I would like to blend them to taste in my 7.8 gallon bottling bucket. Is this a common practice? My only concern would be any changes in the free so4 levels. I plan on sanitizing everything including the bottles with K meta.


It’s probably tart because it’s extremely young: give it 6-9 months in the bottle and it will mellow and smooth out to a much less tangy finish.

While you can blend anything you want, be sure that both wines are fully stable: if there’s residual sugar in one that’s stable, and you blend it into another that has active yeast, you risk bottle fermentation and some explodey fizzing.

Your SO2 levels probably won’t change a lot unless one of the wines has a wildly out-of-balance level. Test after you blend and adjust to 25-35 PPM FSO2 and it will be fine.

HI Tim,
Thank you for the reply. Both my reds wines (amarone and barolo ) I added
K meta and K sorbate at least a month ago may be two. I started the wines in Oct and by adjusting the wines to taste I hope to have some success in my first attempt with winemaking. If I have to adjust at bottling time for S04 is there a wait time before bottling?


You can adjust the FSO2 and bottle immediately–no waiting!

I would suggest bench testing your blend before committing the entire batch.