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Big Mouth Bubbler Lid Fix

I’ve had trouble with my Big Mouth Bubbler lid coming off when wet. Stays on fine when dry. I got tired of using duct tape, and I mentioned to a friend of mine, who owns a 3D printer, that I was having this problem and he made this for me. Works great. I showed him some pics of what others have done, and provided dimensions of my bubbler, and he knocked this out. Had to reposition the holes for the screws, but that was an easy mod.


Great Job! That looks legit. Here’s a new fix I came up with.

Hey, great stuff! Did your friend post STLs anywhere like thingiverse? If not, can you maybe get them and attach here?

Actually I sent him an image and he said he found it on thingiverse, and modified that design. I believe the one on thingiverse had three arms spaced 120 degrees apart, and it was for a smaller BMB (version one). He modified that design for four arms spaced 90 degrees apart, and modified the band to fit a larger bubbler mouth. I’ll ask him about the digital design file, if that is what you would like to use.

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That’s a nice build there. I’m seeing some cool stuff come off of these 3d printers.

JMCK, if you still want the digital design files (STLs) for this lid clamp, I’ll have them soon. They needed some adjustments to reflect the final design (there were a couple of iterations), and my buddy will give the files to me soon. I’ll post them here for you. Please let me know that you still want them? Cheers!

Thanks, I can wait.

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