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Another BMB Lid Fix

Continuing the discussion from Big Mouth Bubbler Lid Fix:

So I finally decided to design my own lid adapter, based on a Tri Clamp or Tri Clover fitting.It consists of 3 pieces, the first is a ring that screws onto the BMBs neck, to create an outward bezel,

Then I have a collar with a print-in-place hinge that wraps around the BMB lid and ring.

The collar is then secured in place with the third piece, a printed pin. The collar even has an extra hole so the locking pin can be ‘leashed’ to the collar, to prevent loss.

They’re super easy prints, no supports needed, parts don’t need to be particularly strong. no additional hardware required (except for that piece of string.)

When using no tools are required to place or remove.
printable files can be downloaded from Thingiverse (when Thingiverse is running that is…)


Holy Moly!!! Very smart JMCK!

I guess I’ve been lucky. I’ve never had an issue with my lid staying on securely during fermentation.

Mine have gotten better with age. I turn them in several times. Haven’t duct taped them in awhile.

Does that mean, there’s enough gumpucky on em to make em stick? :joy:

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Well done!

Very smart design. Thanks for sharing it.

This looks awesome

Either that or it’s worn off!

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Pretty cool @jmck!

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