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Big brew day today

I’m brewing a Duval clone, but upping the hops…
11 lbs. Pils
2 lbs table sugar (from beets)
Correct my water to 5.7 pH using phosph. Acid.
6 oz. FWH
6 oz at 5 minutes…
6 oz at 170* whirlpool.
BE 256 fermentis ale yeast
OG about 1.072
5 gallon batch… Anticipate 8.5% ABV…
What are you brewing?

Gonna be a couple weeks and I’m getting the itch. @irishjoe tells me our LHBS is open so I guess when we get back I will do my usual wheat beer for summer.

I registered to brew today and almost forgot. I was going to brew another Isolation Pale Ale but ended up brewing that last week. IPA are quick beer for me. So I’ll brew a Maibock so I can let it sit while I drink all the IPA I have

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I’m brewing an IPA today.

Mashed in 10:30 eastern time

40 mins into the boil

Just setting up…

Just mashed in. IPA with Citra and BRU1 hops.

Can’t seem to upload pictures anymore because my iphone saves them as HEIC files rather than jpg and the forum won’t accept those. Anyone know a simple work around?

Water corrected… Hi tech thermometer didn’t work… Lo tech blichmann and thermapen agree with each other…

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You started early

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I’m only 10min in

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Beta rest now…

low tech works fine! Maybe should just be that way…

Boy you guys are fast! I had to mow this morning, I’m just about to get started. @dannyboy58 I’ve found the best way to get pics from my phone on here is to write a post on the computer, then edit it from my phone and use the upload button to add the picture. I just gotta remember to turn the phone sideways to take a photo so it shows up right on here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m brewing the Pangea Proxima Polar IPA recipe.

btw, @sneezles61 you and technology have come so far! There was a time you couldn’t figure out how to add pictures to your post. :innocent:



There were a few wonderful Brewers on here that coaxed me to here!! I’m not isolated… I’m part of a circle!
End of beta rest gravity, 1.025

Found a work around to convert the files. I love my mac and my iphone but apple is a PITA sometimes.

Sleeping bag helps hold temp on mash. Got great conversion and efficiency which is typical with my BIAB w/sparge process. First wort hops in and bringing it to a boil. Smells great already.


It’s time 12:15 eastern

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I suppose an offering to the brain cell…



All cleaned up. Time for a quick nap

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