Biab ooops

this post is really just lamenting a goof because I finished up the batch and got it into the fermenter.

I got my strike water too hot (168-170) and by the time I realized it I had already put the grain in the bag. I immediately added ice water and got it to 155 within a few minutes. 90 minutes 150-155.

I’m sure something will be fouled but it seems like most of my brews (biab or extract brews) all have one minor calamity and the beer still turns out pretty good. I’m hoping for that here too.

I got overly confident with the speed of my Thermopen and took a bad temp reading (it was still climbing).

If you added cold water right away (like within 3-4 minutes) then everything will turn out just fine. It takes more time than that to kill all your enzymes. Maybe 10 minutes.