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BIAB from All Grain recipe

I am trying my hand at my first BIAB. I have ordered the SMASH all grain kit from NB. My plan was to try and do a BIAB with half of the ingredients that came with the kit. What my plan did not take into account is that I have never done a biab before and have no clue how much water to start with or how much water to use to sparge. I have the temps that came with the kit, but I am not sure if this is a good place to start. Here is what came with the kit.

7.75 lbs of 2-row
1/2 oz of Simcoe at 60m
1/2 oz of Simcoe at 15m
1 oz of Simcoe at 5 m

Mash single infusion
Sacch rest 149 degrees for 60 min
Mashout 170 for 10 mins

I have looked at Beersmith, but that software has confused the heck out of me.

Knowing what your boil off rate is, mash the grains in 1/2 the full boil amount. After the hour is over, place the grain in a large strainer and sparge with the remainder of the boil amount. Or dunk it like a tea bag in a second pot of water.

You want 2.5 gallons at the end of the boil
3.8lbs of grain will absorb ~.46 gallons.
approximate loss of 1g per hour of boil
So you need to start with ~4 gallons.

Mash with 2 gallons, sparge with 2 gallons.

That sounds easy enough. So do I do that at the temp listed for the sacch rest? The 149?

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, somewhere in that area. 148-152 is fine.

JT’s Mashwater3.3 is a nice stand alone water calculator. ... tware.html

I will check it out. Thank you so much for the replies.

It all depends on your system, so you might be brewing by the seat of your pants until you get it dialed in. I like a no-sparge BIAB, b/c if I want to sparge I might as well just use my mash-tun. My process for 5-gallon BIAB (usually about 10# of grain):

Heat 7 gallons to 160
Add grain bag for 152 mash in
Hold temp for 1 hour
Pull bag and put it in strainer bucket, or squeeze, or hang, or whatever
Pre-boil wort volume usually 6-gallons
1 hour boil
Final volume usually 5-gallons


If you think about it I would love to hear how your split batch comes out. I emailed NB some time ago about splitting batches and they didn’t recommend it. It seems to me that as long as you make sure to give the grains a good mixing before splitting, things should work out OK.

I will make sure to let everyone know. I’m hoping to make it Sunday or Monday when I’m off work.

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