Better yeast for amarone to enhance aroma

I am not a very experienced wine maker.

I made the most expensive amarone kit NB sells 3 years ago and submitted it for a wine contest last weekend. The judge use the american wine society wine evaluation form. I got a 16 out of max 20. 3 out of three for appearance, 4 out of 6 for aroma, 5 out of 6 for taste, 2.5 out of 3 aftertaste and 1.5 out of 2 for overall impression.

I want to do better next time around with this kit, but the levers I can pull are limited due to it being a kit. Could I use another yeast like lalvin K1-V1116 to improve the wine. Comment on aroma “faint aroma some black fruit blackberry” I would ferment at lower temperature because that favors aroma. Its 16.6% ABV

I tasted this wine 3 months after fermentation started and it had a lot of bite to it which I guess was tannic acid. Therefore I let it age both in bottles and most if it in keg. I periodically tasted the keg and it was ready for drinking in 2022 (the bite was acceptable) and kicked 1/1/2023. Could I improve the aroma by aging it a little less? Is there a better way to get rid of the bite rather than aging it? There were wine diamonds in the bottom of the keg when it was kicked.

The judge said in impression it was a big body wine tannic. aftertaste med dry finish tart. taste texture medium intensity dry blackberry higher ABV.

Any other levers I can pull, short of buying a vineyard, would be appreciated.

I admit I’m not a big wine buff, and I’ve only done kits. But you might want to research malolactic fermentation as IIRC reading it increased aroma and texture.

Ill admit im not an consistent wine maker I’ve never had much luck with kits and mostly use fresh single variety juice which is getting expensive. The best wine and most aromatic in my mind was with the juice I also macerated and blended in 2 cases of fresh grapes. I know kits sometimes supply some skins but i just don’t think its enough so maybe you could add more