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Best type of chiller

Hey all,
I got a new 15 gallon setup for 10 gallon batches and I need to get a new chiller. I’m not in a rush so the expense doesnt really mean much in my decision on this. I am thinking about doing a plate chiller but read about all the gunk they can accumulate. I dont have a problem reversing the flow and putting it into the oven to dry when I am done. I was just wondering peoples thoughts on these? The other threads I found on the topic were 5 years old or so and equipment has changed since then. I was looking at the blichman therminator as well as a few counterflow chillers. The other option is to get a larger immersion chiller and recirculate ice water in a cooler but that seems like a pain in the A to me and I dont like wasting water. What do you all use?

I will also add that I have seen the guy from beer geek nation run his boiling wort through a plate chiller for 15 minutes to sanitize it before chilling. Seemed like a decent idea

I’ve got a parallel counter flow that I made… its bulky, it works… But now I’m thinking plate chiller… compact. I see a local Fleet supply has a fairly good sized one thats for wood fired boilers… heat exchanger its called… Twice the size you see being sold for brewers… 175.00 … It’ll be mine soon… Sneezles61

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Do you have a link to this?

The guy that gets beat up from a computer??:dizzy_face: L&M fleet supply… I’ll bet you can do general search and find that… Is Grainger out your way? But I suppose, they are very proud of their product… the price reflects that…
Heat exchanger for a hydronic wood fire boiler… See what that reveals… Sneezles61

Sweet. yeh I can get a discount at grainger through my company

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Keep me updated… Sneezles61

I use an immersion but have heard good things about Duda Diesel.

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I wonder if the boiler heat exchanger is food safe.

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I believe they are stainless and copper… I’ll do some research and get back… Sneezles61

Do you like cleaning? Do you like problem solving on the fly? If yes, get a pump and a CFC.

If no, stick with an IC. All joking aside I find myself gravitating back to my IC as all I have to do is rinse and dry it at the end.


Yeh I already have a pump and troubleshooting is no problem. I was thinking that my new system is large enough that I will be heating and cleaning everything through the pump already.

Do any of you do no chill? It’s really appealing to me except for the botulism factor.

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I wouldn’t consider it. Sneezles61

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I’ve never tried no chill but many have been using it without issues.

When I use my CFC I recirculate to sanitize it. But like I said it adds more cleaning time so I’ve been just using my IC.

I think the key to cleaning an CFC is to rinse it immediately after use. Don’t give anything time to settle or dry at all. I blast mine with a garden hose right after fermenters are full. I also have one of those small brushes on a long wire, I think it is meant for keg dip tubes, to shove in from both ends. Soak it in PBW with very hot water and blow through hot water to rinse and it is amazing what gunk you did not know was hiding in it.

I also let in some boiling wort before turning on the water as a last precaution. I have been using it for about 20 years. So far so good.


How quickly does a CFC chill your wort?

I still use just an ic here in Florida with our crazy warm tap water and it works ok…I do use 2 ic’s in series with the first one packed in ice and the other in the wort/the brew kettle is in an ice bath also…about a half hour to chill to pitching temp.

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I only use my CFC on batches of 10gal or more. Just use a home made IC for 5gal batches. Ice water bath for my 1-3gal batches. I would get an IC of 50’ though

I have a 25 foot IC for for my 10 gallon kettle but it wouldn’t even reach the bottom of my 15 gallon kettle that’s why I wanted to know if I should just get a 50 foot immersion for the new setup, or get a plate or counterflow chiller since I will be doing more 10 gallon batches

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