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Belgian triple yeast

I am planning on making an all grain Belgian triple. I’m not sure if I will buy a kit or use individual ingredients. I’m hoping to make something similar to Delirium Tremens. I need advice on what yeast to use. Any advice on a brewing procedure is appreciated.

DT isn’t really a tripel because of the spices in it. Here’s a great DT recipe from a good friend. The best way to go is to culture yeast from DT, but WY3522 works well also.

Batch Size (Gal): 5.00 Wort Size (Gal): 5.00
Total Grain (Lbs): 11.70
Anticipated OG: 1.071 Plato: 17.36
Anticipated SRM: 15.3
Anticipated IBU: 25.5
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75 %
Wort Boil Time: 90 Minutes

% Amount Name Origin Potential SRM

85.0 9.95 lbs. Pilsener Belgium 1.037 2
15.0 1.75 lbs. Sugar 1.046 75

Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.


Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time

1.10 oz. Styrian Goldings Pellet 5.25 22.0 75 min.
0.50 oz. Czech Saaz Pellet 2.50 3.5 30 min.

Amount Name Type Time

0.40 Oz Corriander Seed Spice 10 Min.(boil)
0.14 Oz Ginger Root Spice 10 Min.(boil)
0.14 Oz Grains of Paradise Spice 10 Min.(boil)

Step Rest Start Stop Heat Infuse Infuse Infuse
Step Name Time Time Temp Temp Type Temp Amount Ratio

Mash In 2 45 143 143 Infuse 158 9.95 1.00
Sach. 2 30 158 158 Infuse 210 3.44 1.35
Mash outy 2 5 170 170 Infuse 210 4.62 1.81

[quote=“Denny”]Anticipated SRM: 15.3[/quote]Gotta be a typo…

Definitely…I get 3.4 in Promash.

I’ve used wyeast 1388 in a spiced belgian golden, it’s nice, maybe a little too clean even.
In my tripels i’ve used 1214 and 3787. I like 1214 a little better but both are great.

1214 is too fruity for my tastes in a tripel. Westmalle invented the style, so I stick with 3787.

After some thought, I decided to just order a Belgian triple kit rather than buying individual ingredients. I did change the yeast to 3787. I should receive the kit on Friday. I was not able to check out the brewing instructions on line, so I have to wait until I open the kit. Is a 90 minute boil better to do than a 60 minute for this type of beer? What are the benefits from another 30 minutes of added boil time? I am thinking about buying Ibrewmaster for the Ipad, do you know if the program will help with with water volume calculations for the mash and sparge?

Pilsner malt contains more precursors of DMS than 2 Row or Pale malt. The 90 minute boil helps to drive them off so DMS doesn’t wind up in the final product.

You find a 90 minute boil is fairly standard in recipes with large percentages of Pilsner.

Interesting, I’ll be sure to do a 90 minute boil. I think I’ll lose 3.75 gallons doing that. I normally lose 2.5 for a 60 minute boil due to the fact that I am using a 15 gallon pot. I batch sparge, should I make up for the extra loss with more sparge water, or just bring up the volume to make 6.5 gallons of wort after the boil?

If is best if you can aim to have the correct volume at the end of the boil.

I would take a look at how hard you boil, you seem to lose a lot of volume. I also use a wide 15 gallon kettle for 6 gallon batches and lose about 1 gallon/hour. Your wort doesn’t need to jump out if the kettle, you only need shape to the surface.

Although many people do a longer boil with pils malt, I don’t usually. I’ve never had problems from my usual 70-75 min. boil. I let the hot break form, which takes maybe 10-15 min. then start my 60 min. timing. You certainly could do a 90 min, boil if you think it would help, but IMO it’s not crucial as long as you have a vigorous boil. Don’t forget about making an appropriate yeast starter. I see you;re batch sparging, so this is what I recommend…mash with about 1.6 qt./lb. of grain. After you run off the mash, measure how much wort you have. Subtract that from the amount you want to boil, making sure to account for any dead space in your tun. The answer you get is how much sparge water to use.

Thank you very much. As always I truly appreciate your feedback and replies. Being the village idiot of home brewing I need all the help I can get.As for the yeast starter, in the past I used 1200 ml along with ¾ cup of light DME. The last one I made I kept it on the stir plate for 4 days. That brew is still in the secondary. Any recommendations for a starter?

I like to brew the Patersbier kit to utilize the yeast cake. The kit uses the High gravity trappist yeast. It always works out amazingly well.

I made a Patersbier not too long ago. It came with Wyeast 3787 in the kit. It turned out OK. Every beer that I had brewed so far has had this slight grapefruit tartness. I can’t seem to find out where it is coming from. I am brewing a Belgian triple in the morning. I am using Wyeast 3787 for that one too. I am planning on letting it age for six months in a keg with CO2 on it.

Boy, you should start looking at common factors to find that flavor. A tripel shouldn’t need to age for 6 months IMO.

I thought I had to let it go that long. That will be a relief if I don’t! I remember seeing somewhere that the triple gets better with age, so I just guesstimated that 6months would be enough. How long would you recommend?
As far as the weird flavor, I have used tap water with LME kits, different bought spring water for the all grain kits, everything is clean and sanitized. I just can’t nail it down. Everyone who has tasted beer that I brewed said that it was good, maybe they are just polite. There is no experts around to taste the beer and give me their thought as to what it may be. I have a cream ale I will be kegging next Wednesday. A few days after that I will see if it has it also.

I thought I had to let it go that long. That will be a relief if I don’t! I remember seeing somewhere that the triple gets better with age, so I just guesstimated that 6months would be enough. How long would you recommend?[/quote]

Onlyyou can know how long is long enough. Taste it every one in a while. Whenit tatses good to YOU, it’s long enough!

I hate to tinker with it. I would have to open the keg to do that, then re-purge the O2 out. I wouldn’t want to oxidize it. :frowning:

Your call. How about just putting a tap on the keg?

Your call. How about just putting a tap on the keg?[/quote]

Geeeeeze!!! Why didn’t I think of that! What an idiot I am!! I use one of those on my second keg in the kegerator. I only have a single tower,so I have one of those picnic pumper type attached to my second corney. Thanks Denny!!

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