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Im going to be bottling up three gallons of blue berry wine soon. And i think i want to sweeten it some. I want to make sure im gonna be doing it right ive been kinda away from brewing and wine making for a few months.

my concerns are with stabilizing, and the amount of sugar needed to get it to the desired sweetness.

I was going to treat with potassium sorbate at .5t per gallon. and with sodium metabisulphite at .5t for the whole three gal batch. does that sound right for stabilizing?

as for the sugar i was gonna use white sugar and make a syrup with 2-4cups sugar and enough water to dissolve it. then add slowly to a bottling bucket to taste. Does it sound like im on the right track?

Am i missing anything. This bottling session will be the first time in a while that i am blowing the dust of my brewing stuff.

Your amount of stabilizer is correct, but you are too high on the Sodium Metabisulfite. 1/4tsp per 5gal gives you 50ppm.

Make sure that you have your sugar solution mixed in well before judging its level of sweetness. The level of sweetness is completely a personal preference but I wouldn’t go much higher than 1.015.

+1 BB pretty much covered it. I would recommend that you invest in a gram scale though. It’s much more accurate than teaspoons etc… :cheers:

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