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B-Brite Left in Bottle

Question about B-Brite

This may sound ridiculous, but I am new to winemaking. I soaked some bottles in B-Brite cleaner for a few days, and then I poured the solution out. I did not turn them upside down to drain, and I got sidetracked and never rinsed them. Later, I was ready to bottle my batch and begin filling the bottles up. I noticed that one of them had about a tablespoon of liquid in the bottom. At that moment, I realized that I had forgotten to rinse the bottles after using B-Brite. I might not have been concerned about residue, but now it seems that is possible to have had an ounce of remaining solution. AAH! I immediately rinsed the remaining bottles… Do I have to throw out the bottles I had already filled? Is B-Brite actually harmful? If there was a small amount left in the bottles, what does it do to finished wine? Thanks for your help and advice!

I seem to remember be brite has chlorine in it. If it does, your wine is toast. Wine and chlorine just don’t get along. If it’s just an alkaline cleaner you should be okay with just a teaspoon or so. :oops:

Thank you for the help steinbrau. B-Brite contains Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Percarbonate. Is that alkaline?

I guess the biggest question is should I try the wine. I know if it tasted horrible I wouldn’t drink, but is it harmful?
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