Aronia or Chokeberry - What Yeast?

A few days ago I began the process of making a new batch of Aronia or Chokeberry wine. Last season using Montrachet it turned out OK making 3 gallons of ElderAronia as well as 6 liters of each Elder & Aronia separate. They are nearly identical in every way. If I set up a taste test it would be hard to tell the three samples apart. Even though I may have added too much water it should age nicely. The ABV is 10%

This season I’d planned on using a Port Yeast, but since I killed that yeast I am trying Lalvin RC212 normally used for Pinot Noir. Due to heaviness of Aronia berries I’m hoping for more tannin and other flavor extraction and a fuller bodied wine.

This season to my 10 pounds of Aronia I’ve added 16 oz of black cherry juice and 3 cups of fresh blueberries, 3.5 pounds of sugar and it’s at 2.5 gallons with no water added.

Earlier in the spring I cleaned out my freezer and made a batch of “Rhu-ras-bla-blu”. Rhubarb, Wild Raspberry, Wild Black Raspberry & Wild Blueberry. Ratio was 75% Rhubarb, 15% Raspberry & 5 % each Black & Blue. The first few days of fermenting it smelled of rhubarb, then it changed to raspberry soda. It finished at about 12-13% ABV and has been good drinking from day one.

I’ve still got 2.5 gallons bottled, but I’m not sure how long it will last! Friends keep asking for more.

My Concord Grapes will ripe in a week or 10 days and my non-concord’s; Mt Frontenac, Candice Red,Thompson & Reliance will follow. Last year I had enough for a gallon of non-concord blend. This year it may double or triple.