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Anything going on this week?

Anyone else brewing ? I’m going to do my first double, two tens. All my grains crushed burners set up. Hopefully the weather holds. I’m doing ten gallons of Brew Cat IPA and ten gallons of Vienna lager. Going to Colorado for a couple weeks and want my fermenters working while I’m away.

Funny I am brewing a Vienna tomorrow and Monday fat tire clone and yuengling clone

Good deal! Been on a hiatus recently remodeling a kitchen and then what all comes with rearranging things and completing everything else you didn’t do while remodeling!

Looking forward to getting back although I did do my Oktoberfest a month and a half ago.

This week has been epic crap. I should be catching up on hours of work, so no brewing for me. Strangely, I’m also getting nothing done. Go fig.

I’m overdue on bottling Kveik experiments, which I’ll try to do on Tuesday when the wife is away. I don’t know if I have enough bottles for ten gallons, but I can at least get the IPA carbing up.

Just got my keg setup…might throw my maibock in it and lager the hell out of it.

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me not for at least three weeks all my fermentors full at the moment

Been re-glazing, re-screening, sanding and painting windows on the house for the past 2 weeks. This is the first time since I started brewing that I have not had something going in the carboys. But I do have 3 beers bottled up. Waiting for my Honey Brown to condition. Have Kama Citra and La Petit Orange in the fridge. Blew through the Moose Drool a few weeks back.

Raining in Charlotte Double brewed Black ipa and pale madre and just dropped the dead Ringer ipa in the Secondary. Dry hopped keeping the Flow going. Cheers


Today Im doing another Irish Red as well as a Chocolate Milk Stout. Should be fun :slight_smile:


How do you like the Orange? I have that on tap right now and I really enjoy it. Also have the Dundalk Heavy Red. The actually compliment each other well. Im enjoying switching back and forth

Rain held out today just an occasional sprinkle Suns out now. Started at 7:15 half way through my second boil. Everything is good, going to hit the keg when I start chilling.

Checked the SG on my Petite Saison. 1.004 at day nine from the start of the fermentation. No CO2 bubbles in the sample so it is most likely at FG. Check again in three days. Bottle as soon as it clears.

I haven’t brewed in months (I had a big backlog on hand thank goodness). Construction is booming here-great for the bank account, not so much for the beer fridge. Looking at ordering a few kits soon. Probably a saison and a bourbon porter. Work is REALLY getting in the way! Haha.



I did a German Pilsner wannabe yesterday(wannabe because I used WY2112 California lager instead of a true lager yeast). I have 1 more batch to do before shutting down for the summer. I have to do the Waldo Lake Amber recipe again(oh, poor me, right?) because I’ve been requested to have some available to serve at a ‘Champions Serve’ event in August. The past 4 winners of the Maine Homebrewers Contest will serve up versions of our winning brew at a charity event.

Orange turned out pretty good. At first had a funny fruity after taste but has since mellowed out to be a good beer. I did add orange peel soaked in vodka to the secondary so probably wouldn’t do that again and I would let it mature longer before tasting it.

Just got the boat in the driveway and shrink wrap off it so that will need some attention then off to the LHBS. I seem to have a bag of mixed bag of grain that they made up for me, about five lbs worth from last fall that I never got to brewing. Really don’t remember what it was for??? Have about sixty lbs of two row and pilsner so it will have to be a surprise brew.

ready to transfer a ipa to the beer keg .got my yeast starter ready to cold crash and friday brew day a caribou slobber

Krausen just dropped on a saison. Brewing an amber ale. Garden won’t need any weeding for quite a while. Tomorrow will be great weather for taking the bike out for a moderate ride…

and start some water studies. Ward’s lab test results came back today.

Bottled most of an amber ale earlier this week, decided to dry hop part of it for some ‘side-by-side’ tasting. Brewed a pale ale this past weekend. Probably brewing (another gallon batch) again this weekend - either a brown ale or a spiced winter ale.

Hell yeah. Brewing ten gallons a Sunday. Going bottle off some kegs and drink a bunch of beer. I need to mow and work on the Bbq pit I’m building also.

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