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Anyone brewing this weekend?

Just mashed in on my Moving Day Pale Ale.

In about 5 weeks, my wife and I are moving our family to a new house. I’m brewing a batch of beer specifically for after the main move is done; people seem more interested in helping you move when you offer free pizza and beer. :smiley:

I’m brewing something along the lines of Great Lakes’ Burning River Ale/SNPA; something that has some character without being overly hoppy for the unwashed masses.

Is anyone else firing up the kettle this weekend?


Yep! Brewing my 100th batch this morning. Hopburst 100! 100 IBUs with 9 ounces of hops, almost all my homegrown with Cascade, Nugget, and Zeus.

OG of 1.065 with 13lb pale ale, 10 oz of victory, 8 oz of C77, and 3 oz of C120.

gonna squeeze in a jalapeno ale, probably be the last until fall. got my freezer full, about 25 kegs, and its going to get hot, and i don’t like to brew when its hot,

Working all weekend, but I’ll be brewinrg Rye IPA on Mon. Last five batches have all been for NHC and now I need beer for me!

Brewed 3 batches this week no need to brew on the weekend, sure is nice to be retired 8)

Did a falconers flight IPA, and then a partigyle brown ale. Brew in a bag. Added a 3lb jug of dark LME for the brown ale, pretty tasty.

Ooh, and I was able to make the brown ale on the stove, so made 2 beers at the same time, talk about a good brew day!

I have the biere de table lined up, but i can’t get it done till my new kettle turns up… which i’m super excited for. :slight_smile:

also, i need to get my starter going properly.

Surly furious clone. LHBS guy had never heard of it. Only in Colorado.

Brewed a batch of Raspberry wheat beer. Its a family favorite, but I tweaked it this year and first time doing AG.

brewed three:

belgian schelde 3655…not sure on this one, might have had infected yeast; very poor appearance, only time will tell.

honey oat stout using W1768.

banana bread beer…pale wheat/oat that I’m going to add half an ounce of banana flavoring to; w3333

I spent yesterday bottling wine, got 75 bottles done. This morning I kegged a pull from my wild brew solera, wow its sour. Replaced it with a newly brewed lambic. Now I’m thinking about brewing a pale ale, can’t have enough of that stuff and it seems like the majority of people are brewing this today.

I’m too ashamed to admit that I brewed NB’s AK47 on Saturday.

Racked a golden strong to secondary and brewed an amber…

Transferred 2 batches to secondary yesterday in preparation for tonights 5 gallon IPA and harvested yeast. I needed the 1056 yeast from one of the batches to pitch in the IPA.

Monday is becoming my brew day. Momma watches Dancing with the Stars and I get the urge for the most manly thing I know - Beer! Our weekends are usually busy, so not having to plan on kegging, transferring or bottling is nice.

Rye IPA boiling away right now…

Mother’s day weekend had me locked down. Lots of cooking and hosting family. Was my wife’s first mother’s day, so my goal was to make it a nice relaxing weekend for her, which it was. But… that just banked me a bunch of brownie points for this weekend. Brewing a Dusseldorf Altbier and a Harpoon UFO White clone.

I brewed an ordinary bitter yesterday; did the double mill on the grains and got 1.044 instead of the expected 1.0375. Gotta find the instructions and tighten the mill gap.
I brewed three gallons; split it into two carboys. I added a year old pack of S-04 to two gallons and one pack of muntons to the other with a bit over one gallon. I picked up a handfull of the muntons to have on hand in case of emergency and want to see how it ferments without chancing a whole batch.
I pitched the yeasts at 3 PM. At 10 PM I had the slight beginning of foam on the S-04 batch and the munton batch had 1/4 inch foam and was burping every nine seconds. This morning the S-04 was burping every four seconds and the muntons every two seconds.

3 rd all grain later today - brown ale.

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