Any advice on using oak chips?

I want to do a bourbon oaked porter, I’d like it to be ready when the weather starts to cool down (I live in PA, so I’ve got about a month or so, maybe a little longer), but I’ve never used Oak chips.
Any advice on duration, bourbon, or how dark to go would be greatly appreciated!
I’ll post my recipe later on, to help with a little insight!
Thanks in advance!

Use a good bourbon and go easy on it. Something like 1/2cup for 5gal is enough to give a little sweet vanilla bourbon note. An ounce or two of oak chips is enough, leaving them in the beer for a week will completely extract them. Oak cubes give a little more complex flavor, they take closer to six weeks to extract though.

I’m ok with having them in for a longer period, do you strain the whiskey off the chips? or dump it all in the fermenter?

Dump whiskey? Does not compute.

Add it all to the beer. You can soak the chips to sanitize them if you wish.