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Anchor Summer Ale Clone

Going to be brewing a clone of the Anchor Summer Ale as a gift for my dad on Father’s Day. Was wondering if anyone has attempted this in the past and if you had any luck.

From their website I gathered that the desired ABV is 4.5%, hops utilized are Goldings and Glacier, and the grain bill is 50% malted wheat and 50% 2-row pale (I’m thinking they might slip some crystal in there as well and are just not saying).

For the hop character: I know from the taste of the beer there is very little initial hoppiness when drinking, but there is a finishing/lingering hop taste at the end which makes me think there might be a 1oz hop addition at 60min and then a late 1oz hop addition at maybe 15min, 5 min or at flameout. I’m almost certain it’s not dry hopped, the aroma’s would be more present in the head of the beer.

For the malt character: I think the grain bill might be somewhere around 11lbs. I looked up the grain bill for Anchor’s Liberty Ale and it is 10.5lbs 2-row and 0.5lbs Crystal 60L with a 90 minute boil which produces an 1.058OG, an expected FG of 1.013 and an ABV of 5.9% . I’m thinking 5.5lbs wheat, 5.5lbs American 2-row, and maybe 0.5lbs crystal 15L with a 60 minute boil will bring me into the 1040’s for my OG which should bring me to an approximate ABV of 4%-4.5%.

Yeast will of course be White Labs California Ale WLP001 because it finishes so clean. I’ll ferment at about 64F, maybe even lower like 60F or 62F. Then slowly bring it up.

Anyone else enjoy this beer? Give me some feedback if you think I’m off in my assessment.

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