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Amarillo Hops

I was sleeping at the wheel this year and did not start looking for hop until now and cant find any Amarillo pellet hops for sale at Hops Direct.

Anyone seen 1lb of Amarillo for sale anywhere??

Thanks for you help.

You can get whole amarillo hops from

If you want pellets by the Lb you may be out of luck.

I suggest you buy a Lb of whole Amarillo from HopsDirect of FreshHops, other wise you may miss the Amarillo train all together.

I know NB has Amarillo pellets for $1.99oz and Midwest is completely out.

When would the next crop be available? Next fall? This is thoroughly depressing. :frowning:

My guess would be late October 2012

Thanks I think your right I may have missed the Train. Hops Direct is out of leaf hops also and Fresh Hops only lets you buy 8oz. I will have to get going earlier next year.

Buy 8oz now, otherwise you won’t get any this year

Buy 8oz now, otherwise you won’t get any this year[/quote]

+1 8oz is better than 0. I see Fresh Hops Simcoe has gone up in price. Glad I bought some early. Sorry, Toad Flake. :frowning: ... roduct=268

Also might consider falconers flight, Falconers 7 C’s, and zythos blend. All relatively new blends with the citrusy promise.


That’s last year’s crop, though. Our host still has ounces, I’d grab those while you can. I’ve read that Amarillo and probably Centennial won’t be available to homebrewers at some point during the coming year.

williams expects to have them back shortly in 6 oz packages

Homebrewers outpost seems to have the pellets by the pound in stock: Not real cheap. ... es.11.113/

It seems the in demand hops will show up here and there throughout the year as places like Hop Union fulfill hop contracts which makes some available for home brewing once and awhile. If you shoot Northern Brewer customer service a message or give them a call they are often quite helpful it letting you know when stuff might be coming in. I did that when I was looking for Citra and picked up a pound when it came back in stock for a very short time.

After having access to very few hops toward the end of last year I ended up ordering a pound or two of the hop varieties I tend to use this past fall when ever I’d see them in stock.

After having a hard time finding my favorite varieties last year I learned to stock up when the season starts. This year I’m sittin pretty with a few lbs for the rest of the year. I’d recommend stocking up next year

1+ I think I will do that!!

Looks like all Cascade PA for me this year. Don’t want to pay the 21.99 / lb + shipping.

Sounds like a good excuse to try out some new hops. I bought some glacier, warrior and aurora to try out this coming year.

What are you looking to pay for a lb? :wink:

yeah 21.99/lb seems pretty reasonable to me.

Its not a perfect answer but the single variety Amarillo hop shot might be a good goto.
Ive thought about it even though I stocked up as a good sub for bittering additions and save my fresh ones for aroma purposes.

Plan to start checking Hops Direct mid-September for their release date. I was on at 5 am on the first day of sale (Oct 5th this year) and scored Citra and Amarillo leaf (limited to 1 lb though). HD is nice as every pound of hops is at least 3-4 oz heavy.

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