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Aging temperature

Newbie question - instructions say to store bottles out of sunlight and below 60 degrees. How do you all accomplish the below 60?

Keep them I the basement or crawlspace. If that’s not an option maybe a closet or another unheated spot will have to do.

You really just want to keep it below 70°F and at a stable temperature. Aging actually happens faster at warmer temperatures, but above 70°F and acetobacter can start turning it into vinegar. Find a dark place with stable temperatures (an interior closet might be ok) that isn’t too warm. My basement stays a stable 50°F all year, but unfortunately that’s not an option for everyone.

We have to be thankful for living up north… Aging/cellaring is not big concern… I do have a bit of Apple ale from a close to 4 years ago sitting on the concrete floor awaiting… Sneezles61

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