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AG setup locked in

Just wondering how many batches it took most of you to get your AG setup running smoothly with all of your volumes, gravities, etc, so it is reliably reproducible? I just finished my 10th AG brew and am still continually tinkering with everything (and probably always will). Just changed my mill gap which of course changed my efficiencies.

maybe 4-5 batches without changing anything and getting consistent results

I am not a real stickler for hitting all my numbers on the nose, but I found I get very consistent and predictable numbers when I started using the spreadsheet from Mullerbrau’s website.

It depends also how many times you have changed equipment or moved to a new location ect. When I moved to the southeast where it is warmer I started overshooting my strike temp. I am still trying to dial in my boil off rate. Everyones system is unique to them.

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