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AG Question

I’m looking at a recipe from Clone Brews for Negra Modelo. It has extract, partial mash and all grain versions. For the latter two it calls for 122° @ 30minutes and then 150° @ 60 minutes. What exactly does that mean? Drain the 122° after 30 and add fresh 150° water for 60 minutes, or after 30 minutes heat to 150°? I use a cooler and batch sparge. What advantage is the lower temp for 30 minutes? What if I only do the 150° for 60 minutes?

No it means to mash for 30 min at 122 degrees then raise it to 150 degrees for 60 min. Ya I noticed most of the clone recipes in clone brews calls for step mashing. In a cooler you would have to start off with a thicker mash on the first mahs step then add enough hot water to raise it to 150 degrees. Yes you can just do a mash at 150.

I may do it all wrong but I heat my water to hit the first step,(only use part of the total volume) and keep heating the rest of the water for the additional steps. In the the end I’m at the ending mash temp with all my mash water in the tun. I use brewers friend mash infusion calculator to figure all this out. Good luck

You two are essentially doing the same thing. Use a thick mash (say 1:1) and then add enough water to hit your 150* step as Tealblue said.

Ok I think I’ve got it. Thanks for the help

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