Advice on my Saison please

This is basically almost The Inkeeper recipe, with a bit less corn sugar, mashed higher and with French Saison yeast. I am worried with the corn sugar and this particular yeast strain that the F.G. may come down too far on this? Overall, what do you think, what could I do different? I am trying to keep it simple. The only reason I threw the Bravo hops in @ 60 min’s is cuz it just takes to many Strisselspalt to get the job done otherwise.

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Method:All Grain
Boil Time:60 min
Batch Size: 30 gallons
Boil Size: 31.5 gallons
Efficiency: 72%
Source:jon h.

Original Gravity:
Final Gravity:
ABV (standard):
IBU (tinseth):
SRM (morey):


55 lb,Golden Promise,90.9%

4 lb,Corn Sugar - Dextrose ,6.6%

1.5 lb,Extra Dark Crystal 160L,2.5%


8 oz,Strisselspalt,First Wort
2 oz,Styrian Celeja,First Wort

1 oz,Bravo,60 min
4 oz,Strisselspalt,60 min

5 oz,Styrian Celeja,5 min
6 oz,Styrian Celeja,0 min

4 oz,Strisselspalt,10 days Dry Hop
3 oz,Styrian Celeja,10 days Dry Hop

Mash Steps
155 F
60 min

Wyeast - French Saison 3711
Attenuation (custom):
Optimum Temperature:
65°F - 77°F
1000 billion yeast cells needed for 25 gallons(1 gl then 1.4 gl starter)
1.5 gl starter of denny’s 1450 pitched into remaining 5 gl’s to build 1600 billion yeast cells for 30 gl’s of DWS

That is truly a nanobrewing level for a batch. A little beyond my league. Maybe Mullerbrau or one of the other big batch guys can give some input here…I am looking at the yeast temperature and pitch rate as the key and those seem okay. I use bigger hops in smaller amounts for many of my 10 gallon batches with good results.

I can only assume with all the input I have not received on this, that this is the most awesome Saison recipe ever and I should expect one of the greatest beers of all time to be hitting my lips in roughly 5 weeks time? I have only made one saison before, and it was an AG kit with Belgian Ardennes yeast, so I have no experience with this current yeast and not much for this style of beer in general. Anybody have or know a general rule of thumb with how many gravity points exist between mashing at the low end compared to the high end with respect to F.G. So on any given beer, the change in F.G. between a 148* mash as opposed to a 158* mash? Roughly?

I do 10 gallon batches, so not quite that big. My last Saison went from 1.046 to 1.004 with 3711, I had 1# of table sugar, mashed at 148*, don’t know why you want to mash a saison so high. Also seems like too many late addition hops. I like to keep the hops and grain simple and let the yeast do all the work.

Nothing wrong with the recipe, although I prefer Saisons made with Pils instead of 2-row based on a fair amount of experience but if you’re looking to add a nutty character it’ll work OK.

Yeah really the only thing that looks out of place there is the Golden Promise.

You 1st mention WY3711 for the yeast. Then you talk about Denny’s Fav 50?

You want a Sasion to finish dry. I would mash no higher than 152.

As far as a “bell curve” for mash temp and FG, good luck finding such a thing. To many variables besides the mash temp.

Actually, here’s a really good study on efficiency and fermentability with respect to different individual variables. It has a section on mash temp that you may find useful. ... on_mashing


Thanks for the replies. I had not noticed that most Saison recipe’s are in fact pilsner based. Now that I just looked around a bit, sure enough, they are. I happened to have a sack of Golden Promise, and I need to use it, so I am just going to go for it, I am not scared. I will mash lower, probably try to go with 152 as suggested. My fear was that the corn sugar addition, mixed with low mash temp might take the F.G. down farther than I was hoping. As far as the late hop additions, I see lots of recipe’s where folks are doing this. Seems like Saison is one of those style categories where expirementation with flavors and additions is acceptable. Just from making the couple starters that were needed for this batch I could tell that this French Saison yeast imparts lots of its own flavors, i firgured since I wasn’t adding spices of any kind like many other people do, I would add some late hop additions to give this beer some noticeable character beyond what this dominant yeast is going to do. Thanks again for the help. Oh yeah, sorry about the yeast confusion with the reference to Denny’s fav 50, its just that, a reference in my notes. I am taking 5 gallons of this batch and hitting it with DF50 to build yeast for a big batch of Denny’s Wry Smile.