Acid malt taste

I’m planning on using 12 oz. of acid malt in my next brew. How much AM before I start to taste in my beer? I’ll be brewing a speckled heifer from our host next weekend. With this amount of AM I still have to add 29.75 g of phosphoric acid to get a mash ph of 5.3. I would prefer to not add that much PA. Forgot to add I have Bru’n water and use it every time I brew.

That seems like a lot of both acids. You may need to cut your water with distilled

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Ok redid my calc. with 50% distilled water still using 12 oz acid malt but only 14.25g of phosphoric acid,
or should I use all distilled and build from there? Here’s with 100% distilled 8 oz AM, 9.5g PA 2.85 g calcium chloride. 3.8 g Epsom salts, and .5 g canning salt and 2.66 g gypsum. That’s for 9.5 gal water.

How are you determining the effects of the acid malt on your mash pH? Personally I prefer to just use acids or in the case of a really light beer build up from distilled.

That still seems like a lot of acid. I brew mostly pale beers using 100% RO water that I build up. I hardly ever have to add acid or use acid malt to hit 5.3. Weird.

I’ve redone the recipe took out the acid malt and built up the mash water from distilled. Brun water still tells me I need 37.5 ml of acid for 7.5 gal to get me to 5.35 PH. So we’ll see how it goes.